Plastic is seen in the media and in folklore as an insult, something that destroys the environment and affects both animal and human health. In Scandinavia, however, a very small part ends up in the environment through littering and wear and tear. About 40% of the plastic used goes to material recycling to become new products. The rest is recycled for electricity and district heating.

Plastic is a resource-efficient material that benefits society, for example in packaging to reduce food waste, to produce lighter cars and other means of transport or to create more energy-efficient houses.

Plastic comes in many shapes and with varying properties. Some plastics are malleable and soft while others are hard and extremely impact resistant. With the right properties, plastic products can stand out for several years and be exposed to strong chemicals. It can be used in engines in hot environments or melt at low temperatures. Plastic is multifaceted and can easily be shaped into complex shapes.


  • Fossil raw materials: Crude oil and natural gas
  • Renewable raw materials: Recycled, carbon dioxide
  • Bio-based raw materials: sugar cane, corn, potatoes, forest and algae

The industry is constantly evolving, IKEM predicts that in the long run more and more plastics will be made from recycled or bio-based plastic.


We at Markskydd i Väst AB want to contribute to increased material recycling and stronger circular flows for plastic. Our goal is to increase the proportion of “ugly plastic” that otherwise goes to incineration as a raw material for our products. Together with RI.SE, we work to improve our methods and use of recycled plastic to create even better processes in the production and the use of the plastic that otherwise goes to electricity and district heating.

We place high demands on the producers that are hired. It is required that the products are of high quality and that it is 100% recycled raw material and also that the plastic can be recycled again.

Our products have a requirement to be 100% recycled, where we work towards achieving the same figure regarding recyclable. In 2021, all our LDPE-based products are both recycled plastic and fully recyclable.

To better support the work of fully reusing plastic, we at Markskydd i Väst are working on building a digitized system where recycling is in focus. We intend to support not only our internal work but also customers and suppliers in their work with a sustainable society. Follow some of our work via our environmental calculations.

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