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The TempoTrax Ground protection mats are high quality polyethylene (LDPE & HDPE) sheets used for vehicles & pedestrians. They are 100% recyclable and adhere to EU environmental standards and regulations.

Simply put: Avoid or at least reduce restoration work, reduce the risk of machine damage and minimize delays at the workplace. The ground protection mats purpose is to effectively Protect lawns, asphalt or any grounds. They work very well as access roads, walkways, portable paths and ground stabilization. We aim to help clients streamline the workplace & Save expenditures/costs.

Primarily soft ground conditions or surfaces that need to be protected against wear, for example where the pressure needs to be spread out. Lawns, stone areas, gravel surfaces or muddy roads. Ground protection mats made from flexible but durable PE distributes pressure very well and allows work without unnecessary costs for restoration work. A handy complement to the traditional steel road plates and a better alternative to wooden panels / plywood.

In the process of production we use high quality, but recycled polyethylene plastic ensuring minimal to none environmental effect. All our plastic is recycled by us or close partners, minimal transport and ISO certified recycling. Plastic does not absorb dangerous ground pollution and ensures minimal contamination of the ground.

Markskydd I Väst AB aims to provide a full catalogue of green products to minimize our environmental impact and satisfy a growing consumer need for eco-friendly products.  Our entire product portfolio is mainly made from post-consumer waste that contain as much recycled content as possible to maintain each product’s performance requirements but yet all are recyclable.
By sourcing and manufacturing environmentally responsible products, we provide the community with better options for their building projects. Whether they are used for temporary installations such as trade show booths or construction sites, or more permanent applications, we want our products to be used to create safe, healthy, and beautiful environments for our clients and the public. Most of our products contribute to green building practices.

The Economy, Light, Medium and Heavy Duty mats under the category “temporary ground protection mats & access roads” can easily be moved manually, so YES, its extremely easy to install & transport. This is one of the main USPs. We provide handles, connection system and hooks for easy installation, or you can just use basically any zip cable tie or similar system at your disposal . At larger construction sites and arenas we have developed a vacuum lift easily used with a simple fork lifter to save time.

Our most sold mat: TempoTrax Heavy Duty weighs 37 kg and is an example of how easily this is placed on the ground by hand. No need for forklifts, cranes or lots of manpower to be “installed”.

We also provide different levels of mats such as the Timber bog mats, steel road plates, Extreme Heavy duty mats and so on that of course requires more installation manpower or cranes, but offers load bearings up to 200 tons.

Since the mats are essentially plastic sheets made either from co extrusion LDPE or molded HDPE we can produce technically any size if justified by volume.

On our website marketed towards the industrial plastics segment you can view a longer list of available sizes.


The LDPE & HDPE  mats in the “temporary ground protection mats” category ( Economy, Light, Medium, Heavy Duty) regain their shape after use if either left on a flat surface for some time or as we recommend, put back on its pallet. In a hurry? Put the mat on a flat solid surface and place weights on each corner and the middle, wait X hours and it should ( in room temperature) regain its flat shape.

Normal delivery time is: 2-4 working days. We expect to send your order the next weekday if orders have been received before. 12:00 (SE)


Unloading: NOTE, normal delivery means that the customer is responsible for unloading. If you cant / do not want to unload yourself, you can order unloading on site at an extra charge (sometimes as large as the entire freight cost), this must be notified before orders are placed.

Telephone notification before delivery: If you wish to be called before delivery, ie notified in time, a fee will be added from the carrier from € 10-20) and the transport might be extended by approximately 1 day. (This must be announced before placing an order).


We use third party shipping transport companies and thus are in the hands of them and their terms.

Common industries, sectors and usage areas are:


Golf Courses
Outdoor Weddings/Concerts
Schools and Sports Complexes
Construction Sites
Oil Fields/Quarries
Utility Contractors
Drilling Contractors
Concrete & Asphalt Contractors
Fencing/Decking/Pool Contractors
City Services
Emergency Services
Tree Removal Services
Used Vertically for Tree Protection, Etc.
Food Trailers/Farmers’ Markets/Flea Markets
Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Ramps For Crossing Curbs, etc
Septic Services
Traffic services
Roads, Paths, and Platforms of Any Kind

Yes & No.

Almost all products have 1 year manufacturing guarantee against malfunctions due to production. However its not the same as iron clad no questions asked-refund guarantee, this is due to the nature of the material. Its not titanium and a mat may break, unfortunately the ( very few) claims we receive all have a pattern of users using 12 mm plastic sheets as bridges over trenches, driving way over the load bearing limit, minus degrees (Celsius) or rental companies that cannot determine how their clients have used the mats. Please use common sense. If you are in a hurry and only have LIGHT mats on site, but anyway use them for trucks way over the limit on muddy soft grounds, the mats may break. Either order the correct mats for the situation or use the ones you have – but be fair and understand that you thereby risk breakage and should therefore view them as expendable consumption goods. A good help is to ask yourself: Do I call the plywood / wooden sheet – seller if a sheet of that sort breaks? Probably not:).

Yes, they can. From scratch, the product is a plastic plate. End of story. The field of application “ground protection mats” is a result of the market’s own chosen area of ​​use since 10 years ago. The product is marketed as, among other things, “ground protection” and has proven to be, during tests and usage, SUITABLE to be resistant, under favorable environmental conditions, to weights up to XX tonnes sqm of pressure.

Note that it involves thousands of different scenarios, ground conditions, weather and other circumstances that cannot be calculated from the start and therefore there is always the risk of a sheet/mat breaking. Most commonly, they crack ( but can still be used again).

The nature of the material (LDPE/HDPE plastic), the area of ​​application (sheet on ground with heavy weights), normal handling (wear & tear surface), industry (construction sites etc.), price (lowest LDPE price in Europe) —— means that a ground protection mat should be considered as a:, although durable and long lasting, “consumable”. A consumable is consumed = after a time if a plate is exposed to extreme pressure it will most likely crack. In addition, if abuse or is present, or for example, minus degrees, increases this probability. This should be calculated by the customer and in particular a rental company which in their turn entrust a third party to use them.

Markskydd i Väst AB does NOT refund used plates. The right of withdrawal and cancellation are limited in time. Complaints entail a large burden of proof and user responsibility, with shared costs for, among other things, transport. All customers approve our standard agreement when placing an order. For more details read the agreement here

TempoTrax Light & Medium:
If there are conditions such as minus degrees and you are not comfortable with considering the product as a consumable, eg you do not want to risk them cracking, you should refrain from using these and instead recommend the following products:
TempoTrax Heavy Duty / Heavy Duty extreme / ArmorTrax series / Driving plates or the like. These should not crack and some of these products have some sort of guarantee.

Technical data for LDPE mats.

technical data ENG vers nov 2019

Technical data and classification of TempoTrax 2015_2019



Sheets / Mats produced by extrusion of recycled PE compound (general composition PE300)

  • Length (max) 3,5m
  • Width (max) 2m
  • Maximum area per board 7m²
  • Thickness 6-18mm

Top and / or bottom surface can be made in any of the basic RAL colours
and / or with plain flat surface or with criss-cross pattern.



Usage temperature between -30°C and + 70°C

Thermal Extensions coefficient 0,18 mm/m /˚C

Tensile Strength 10.3 – 18.0 MPa

Density 0.92 g/cm3

No affecting smells

Can be handled effectively with vacuum lift

Can be cleaned with water and commonly used detergents

Material can be modified with sawing, drilling, bending, welding


Dilute Acid ****

Dilute Alkalis ****

Oils and Greases ** variable

Aliphatic Hydrocarbons *

Aromatic Hydrocarbons *

Halogenated Hydrocarbons *

Alcohols ****


KEY * poor ** moderate *** good **** very good


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