Ground protection mats for load distribution, ground reinforcement & temporary access roads

Producer and supplier of temporary mobile ground protection systems since 2009. Our core products are lightweight ground protection mats, serving as temporary roadways and access tracks at events & construction sites, powerplants, landscaping and more.

Installed & moved by hand but load-bearing up to 80 tonnes. A protective matting solution and temporary flooring system that can withstand rigorous industrial use & heavy loads to prevent equipment damage & injury. Made in-house from 100% recycled waste materials and recyclable plastic waste, ensures that we are Europe’s most cost-efficient alternative.

Avoid restoration work, machine damage and workplace delay. Protect lawns, ground, asphalt & Streamline the workplace.
Save up to 32%* of expenditures/costs on construction projects.


We now offer mats in any color!

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A mat that takes up to 80 tons, but only weigh 37kg?

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