Producer, supplier and distributor specialized in eco friendly ground protection products

Markskydd i Väst AB  ( {maa:rkɧydː ee vest} Roughly translated “Ground Protection West Ltd”) is a Scandinavian specialist producer and supplier of temporary mobile ground protection systems since 2009. Our core products are ground protection mats, that serve as temporary roadways and access tracks at events & construction sites, powerplants, landscaping and more. The core product is a temporary ground access mat made from recycled polyethylene (PE), that can be placed out by hand but still withstand up to 80 tonnes. A protective matting solution and temporary flooring/ground system that can withstand rigorous industrial use & heavy loads to prevent equipment damage & injury. Our mats are made from 100% recycled waste materials. As we have access to the recycling process and raw material we are Europe’s most cost efficient alternative for LDPE sheets.We offer an alternative way to avoid restoration work, machine damage and workplace delay by systems that protect lawns, ground, asphalt. Our products help streamline the workplace and save expenditures up to an average of 32%* on construction projects. Contact us for more information and quotations.



The top of mind and leading supplier of industrial plastics with minimal environmental impact. The one-stop-shop of all eco-friendly surface protective solutions.



High level service, Quick delivery and solution oriented sales of surface protective plastics. Close relationship sales, great service reputation, competitive pricing and fast delivery ensuring customer satisfaction.


Social responsibility

Markskydd I Väst AB Group is always striving to become better global citizens, both as individuals and as a company who manufactures products in use throughout the world. From our material sourcing policies and modes of production to employment practices, facility management and beyond, we hold ourselves to the highest standards while constantly searching for ways to improve our environmental and humanitarian impact.


Our products

Markskydd I Väst AB aims to provide a full catalogue of green products to minimize our environmental impact and satisfy a growing consumer need for eco-friendly products. Our flagship Ground protection panels are created by 100% recycled polyethylene a.k.a recycled plastic. Our entire product portfolio is mainly made from post-consumer waste that contain as much recycled content as possible to maintain each product’s performance requirements but yet all are recyclable.
By sourcing and manufacturing environmentally responsible products, we provide the community with better options for their building projects. Whether they are used for temporary installations such as trade show booths or construction sites, or more permanent applications, we want our products to be used to create safe, healthy, and beautiful environments for our clients and the public. Most of our products contribute to green building practices.


Core product

TempoTrax (Registered trademark) are resistant, robust driving mats or PE ground plates, easy to manually handle and use. They offer effective pressure spreading, optimizes buoyancy and protects the foundation. Resists static pressure of up to 80 tons per squaremeter, from wheel excavators, rubber tracks or steel larvae. We manufacture ground protections in 8 standard sizes to meet your specific needs. ( Please view the Products page and look for “LIGHT” & “MEDIUM”). With  weights from 19kg to 84kg they may save the costs for use of forklifts or similar when placing them out. They fill perfectly the level between the heavy and costly steel road plate and the cheap not very resistant wooden plywood litter found on all building sites. Our high quality recyclable plastic ensures both a minimal environmental impact and a chemical and weather resistant soil protection for all applications.



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